July 1: Nerves

DF: Everything is packed. Tomorrow we begin our journey to the trail. We’re both trying not to obsessively unpack and repack gear to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything. And then there are the diversionary tactics–I’m worrying about downloading ebooks and packing knitting, probably because it takes my mind off the central issue of oh my god we’re going to do WHAT?

BC: All the last minute stuff is definitely nerve-wracking. I think I’ve repacked three or four times at this point. We’re ready.

June 29: Mail Drop

Big Cranky and Dragonfly's Long Trail hike, Sunday, June 29, 2014.

DF: We just packed our food bags and our mail drop box. We’ve packed, by weight, what seems to be the right amount–two pounds per person per day. When you pick up the bags, though, they’re awfully heavy.

That’s always the case– food bags are heaviest when you’re leaving town. And, of course, the trail will be all uphill that day.

There’s not a lot in the mail drop. I think it’s more of a security blanket than a necessity. I’m ok with that.


June 25: Permethrin


Big Cranky and Dragonfly's Long Trail hike, Wednesday, June 25, 2014.
BC spraying our clothing with permethrin.

DF: We’ve had one nasty bout with Lyme disease, so we’re taking preventive measures this time. Ken is spraying our clothes with permethrin to repel as many ticks and mosquitoes as possible.

BC: I was the one with Lyme back in 2005, and I really would like to not repeat that experience. I’ve been using permethrin for several years and it seems to work pretty well.

June 24: Packing for our Long Trail hike

Big Cranky and Dragonfly's Long Trail hike, Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

DF: We need food for five days and then we can go into town and resupply. Plus, we’re sending ourselves a mail drop with some things we absolutely can’t live without, like coffee and Trader Joe’s jerky.

BC: This is the end of several months of prep, including two long weekend shakedown hikes to iron out any gear issues. We’re as ready as we’re going to get!