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This site collects our hiking and travel journals, in some vague, mostly chronological order. It started as a journal of our July, 2014 End to End hike of The Long Trail in Vermont, a 275-mile hiking trail that runs the length of the Green Mountains from Massachusetts to Canada. You can find those entries at this link.

We are hikers in our early fifties from North Carolina. Though we have extensive hiking experience, the Long Trail was our first thru-hike. Our E2E was not a low-cost hike — we stayed in B&Bs and went out for good meals and great Vermont craft beer as often as possible. Our daily journal posts have all the details, plus you’ll find a Logistics page with additional information and a Gear page for the gearheads among you.

We’ve since been adding our journal entries from other hikes, both recent and in the past. Given the WordPress system, the posting date doesn’t correspond with the travel date on any of the entries – sorry for any confusion.

See all our entries here. 

Quick link to our Long Trail Journal. 

One thought on “About this site

  1. Hello Big Cranky and Dragonfly. So glad you enjoyed your Long Trail hike. Up here in Vermont we’re really proud of our beautiful, rugged trail. I just wanted to correct one misimpression that you had on Pico Peak and Killington Mt.. The warning signs on the ski trails have nothing to do with the Long Trail. They’re intended for skiers who persist in skiing “off terrain” and “out of bounds” on the back sides of the mountains. This has become extremely popular and every winter weekend hundreds of local skiers safely enjoy the backcountry this way, but every year a few dozen idiots (invariably from Massachusetts) who don’t know what they’re doing end up lost in some hollow in the dark with no cell service and temperatures falling below zero. Then the local mountain rescue crews, state police, etc., have to conduct searches in the middle of the night looking for them, which is difficult, dangerous and expensive for those involved. It’s a big problem up here, hence the signs, for whatever good they do. Happy trails! John Page, President, Green Mt. Club.


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