July 30: Travel Day: Re-entry

The Vermonter, an Amtrak train running from St. Albans, VT, to Washington, DC.

DF: Instead of spending the day walking, climbing, slogging, trudging…we’re spending it sitting. First on a commuter bus from Richford to St. Alban’s for about 45 minutes, then in a coffee shop for about an hour, and for the next thirteen hours on a train. I’ve decided that I much prefer being outside and moving to being inside and sitting.

We’ve mostly spent our time reading. And fidgeting. Usually there’s not much to see out the windows–lots of trees and the occasional river. It’s kind of interesting when we go through a town, but generally the railroad tracks don’t run through the nice parts of town.

The train was delayed, in part because someone put a grocery cart on the tracks somewhere in Connecticut. By the time we arrived at the Vienna Metro, it was after 11:30 PM.

DF at the little coffee shop in St. Albans. The barista let us inside early and made sure we had plenty of good coffee.
BC at the Amtrak station in St. Albans, VT.