July 25: Day 22. VT 15 to Corliss Camp, 11.5 miles

Our packs sitting by the side of the trail during a break.

DF: Raspberry pancakes and real maple syrup. May be my all-time favorite breakfast. And Dave delivered it to our door. Pretty cool. After breakfast we packed everything up and Dave drove us to the trail. In the convertible. We got started at 7:45.

The trail started this morning meandering through the Lamoille River bottom. We crossed the river on a suspension bridge, then started climbing. Our first vista was Prospect Rock, where we could look back down the river valley and see the B&B. We climbed a couple of small hills then began the big climb up Laraway Mtn.–1500 feet in less than two miles. Nice view from the top. Then down to the shelter. We got here by 4:00, which was early for us, but too late to go on to the next one. This one is full with a camp group–we were lucky to find a tent site nearby.

BC: Another great breakfast from Marsha, this time delivered to the cabin by Dave. Got an early start for a town morning. Easy trail most of the day, makes a nice change from previous sections. Unfortunately I just could not get up to speed this morning to take advantage of it – I felt like I was dragging all day.

Crossing the Lamoille River.
The suspension bridge over the Lamoille River.
A view from Prospect Rock back into the Lamoille River valley.
A little snake that was in the trail; this one stopped for a photo.
DF looking up at some huge rocks on the way up.
Corliss Camp, where we tented for the night.