July 24: Day 21. Nye’s Green Valley Farm (Jeffersonville), 0 miles

A large flowerbed at Nye’s Green Valley Farm.

DF: It was a gorgeous morning after yesterday’s storms–cooler, no humidity, sunny, and breezy. I got up before Ken, made a cup of coffee, and sat on the deck watching the morning sun on the mountains. It was peaceful and beautiful. A bit later, we walked across the street to the main house for breakfast. A most excellent breakfast of pancakes with homegrown raspberries.

As we were finishing, another couple arrived for breakfast. Both are retired lawyers from Boston. We sat and talked with them for over an hour.

Back in our room, we organized gear for a bit and then just sat and read for a while. Lovely. Dave drove us in to Johnson around noon. We walked up and down the two or three blocks of downtown, visiting the Johnson Woolen Mill store and a very small country store that’s also a sugaring supply store. We had fantastic sandwiches for lunch at Lovin’ Cup Cafe, a small cafe in an old house. Our last stop was the grocery store for our last resupply, then back home to organize it all.

We also bought fixings for sandwiches for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. That means we’re in for the night–we’ll do another load of laundry later, then pack everything up and be ready for the final leg of our journey.

Our cabin was built inside an old barn.
The main house at Nye’s.
Riding into town in the convertible.
Resupply at Johnson Sterling Market.
The perennial garden at Nye’s Green Valley Farm.