July 15: Day 12. Inn at Long Trail to David Logan Shelter, 13+ miles

Hanging gear to dry at David Logan shelter.

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DF: It was hard to leave the Inn at Long Trail this morning–what a wonderful spot! We stayed for breakfast and were on the trail at 8:30, which is a pretty late start for us. As usual, the day started with a steep climb…

For our first day after the Long Trail separated from the AT, we expected the traffic to be much lighter. In fact, we didn’t see any other hikers all day. We crossed lots of logging roads at the beginning, and saw heavy truck tracks and heard chainsaws in the distance, so we’d didn’t feel like we were in the wilderness.

It was our least pleasant day yet on the trail. The weather started out very warm and humid, which made for uncomfortable hiking, plus the bugs were out in force. One gnat spent most of the morning two inches in front of my eye. Very distracting. And there were flies.

The trail was a green tunnel–lots of vegetation in the trail. The worst thing was the terrain. The trail went steeply up and down constantly, and there were no views or anything interesting. And then it started to rain.

We’re in the shelter with three former AT thruhikers. They all said that this day was a rough one–slow going for everyone. We’re staying in the shelter because more rain is expected overnight.

It’s an old, small, dark shelter. There are four double bunks and a table on the middle. It’s pretty cramped with five people and all of our wet gear hanging everywhere.

We did more than thirteen miles, and arrived in camp at 5:10. That’s about 7 ½ hours of hiking, plus an hour for lunch. It’s the longest mileage we’ve scheduled on this section. I hope that with an earlier start, we have a better day tomorrow.

BC: A crappy 13 mile connector trail, with tons of very short, very steep sections that don’t show up on an elevation profile. Not a fun way to spend the day, especially in the rain. Ugh. It didn’t help that we packed for six days of food, but we’ll probably only need five, so our packs are way too heavy this morning.

Met Black Foot, Punkin Pie, and Freight Train at the shelter, all former AT thru-hikers.

At Maine Junction, where the AT heads east to New Hampshire, and the Long Trail continues north to Canada.
At Maine Junction, where the AT heads east and the LT continues north. 
The David Logan Shelter, with five hikers and a ton of wet gear.

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  1. Hello! It’s Calamity. I’m hiking the LT this summer. Your journal has been especially helpful as I plan my hike. Thank you. I so enjoyed meeting you both during my AT thru hike. I hope our paths cross again.

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