July 14: Day 11. Rutland, VT, 0 miles


DF: We took a zero day to get errands done and let Ken’s knees rest. The Inn at Long Trail includes breakfast with the room, so we started the day with blueberry pancakes and coffee. Calamity joined us for breakfast before she headed out on the AT. She started north in Harpers Ferry and will head south from Harpers Ferry after she reaches Katahdin. We exchanged contact info in hopes that we can meet up with her when she heads through our part of the world this fall.

Next, we took the local bus into Rutland for groceries. Our driver, Gary, was really funny and helped us figure out how to get around in town. Rutland is a small blue collar city, not the stereotype picturesque Vermont village. The nearby Pico ski resort is not fancy. Winters are obviously hard around here.

Back at the Inn, we organized our food supplies, then headed down to the pub for lunch (soup and salad). While we were eating, we planned out the next section and looked at the rest of the trail. As everyone keeps telling us, things are going to get interesting ahead.

BC: Took the bus down to Rutland for resupply. Gary, the driver, was great, and the locals on the bus helped us figure out where to go in town. Ended up at Tops after a quick stop at Rite Aid. Rutland is very commercial and spread out, not a cute little Vermont village. Resupply was fine, though we ended up with way too much food.

In the afternoon I realized we were mostly out of stove fuel, so I decided to head down the hill to Killington to a small outfitter there. I had just missed the hourly bus, so I walked the mile and a half steeply downhill. Ugh. Road walks suck, and this was no exception. The outfitter specialized in skiing, of course, so they had a limited selection of hiking gear – but they had butane canisters, so that worked. I also made a major score with an Icebreaker merino wool short sleeve top for DF, on a 30% off sale. She’d been wishing she’d brought her wool top, so I was able to fix that, and it’s a nice looking shirt, too.

When I got back, Owen gave me a bag of ice for my knee.

The Inn at Long Trail. 
Breakfast at the Inn at Long Trail was fabulous.
In McGrath’s Irish Pub.