July 11: Day 8. Lost Pond Shelter to Minerva Hinchey Shelter, 14.9 miles

Cairns on the top of White Rocks Mountain.

DF: Another fifteen mile day. We were up early and on the trail by 7 AM. We arrived in camp just before 6 PM.

Our first real stop was at Little Rock Pond. We took our shoes off and waded out into the lake. The water was really clear and shallow with lots of salamanders floating near shore.

Next was a long climb up towards White Rocks Mtn. As we walked along the ridgeline, we found a field of cairns in the forest. Since it was Megan’s birthday, we made her a cairn.

It was a long, steep descent to the next road, then a lovely climb up Bear Mountain. The first part of the climb went through old fields lined with rock walls. As we climbed higher, there were switchbacks–the first ones we’ve seen in Vermont.

We’re in camp with a lot of the same people we’ve seen for the last few days, plus a bunch more, sitting around a fire and talking. It’s nice.

BC: Nice hike to Little Rock Pond, where we took a long break at this beautiful spot to soak our feet and take photos. Lunch at the top of White Rocks Mountain among the cairns – it looks like faeries have been here, and I expect to see them dancing through the woods. We made a small cairn in honor of our daughter’s birthday and sent her a photo.

The last few miles to the shelter were flat and easy, when I was expecting a steep climb – nice surprise. Found a decent small tentsite in the woods, and spent a couple of hours hanging out with other hikers around a campfire. We heard a veery singing all evening.

Little Rock Pond.
Old rock walls built by farmers a hundred years ago or more.
BC soaking his feet at Little Rock Pond.
An iPhone panoramic of Little Rock Pond.
A panoramic view of the cairns on White Rocks Mountain.
The cairn we made for our daughter.
Little Rock Pond. We were invited to use the canoe, though the caretake noted that it leaks.
Another gorgeous day on the trail, reflected in Little Rock Pond.
Hanging out at the campfire for dinner and conversation.